October 25

Double Glazing


Windows are an important part of any home. Windows give a home light and space that allows homes to feel more open and bright. Can windows make homes more energy efficient.  We often overlook windows when talking about energy saving upgrades for the home. Most assume that windows are all the same , large or small, they just keep out the outside. But windows can do so much more. Windows can create so much insulation when done well. Insulation in your window can make a large difference when your heating or cooling your home or office in the peak seasons.

Double glazed windows are a window system that includes two glass panes with a layer of inert gas in between. The space between the glass creates an energy efficient insulation for your home or business. They also offer a bit of a sound barrier as well. These windows can be better than a basic single pane window. Especially in older homes that lack proper insulation to keep heating and cooling techniques efficient.  Glass glazing is done to create a tight barrier in windows to create a air tight and protect against condensation that can build up on either side of the glass of a single pane window. There are several ways to achieve glass glazing whatever your home or business needs may be. Newer homes can have double glazed windows installed from the beginning as to create an energy efficient insulation for your new home. In older homes a retrofit double glazing service can replace single pane windows which are not as energy efficient.

Older homes can be so beautiful and full of character and charm. But getting your windows up to par can be a task when remodelling an older home. Retrofit double glazing is replacing old single glass pane windows with double glazed windows.  This is a great option in older homes that may only have older windows that are not energy efficient. Hurrell & Smith can do window glazing customised for the purpose of your building.  We custom create window glazing solutions to match the existing colors and materials of your home and business. We are up to the challenge of making your windows not only beautiful but efficient for your home. Our retrofit double glazing can allow you to take control of the insulation of your space. No longer do you need to worry about losing money because of heating and cooling lost through single pane windows. We boost the insulation of your home and save you in energy cost.


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